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'Hollow cubes'
'Rings', acrylic mono print, A4, 2020.
'Nine blocks'
'Tower', acrylic mono print, A4, 2020.
Arrival,soft pastel, 84x60cm, 2019
In the mix, soft pastel, 76x56cm, 2019 .
Leaving, soft pastel, 84x60cm, 2019,
Consistent, soft pastel, 84x60cm, 2019
Big Red Circle
New Space, soft pastel, 84x60cm, 2019
Dark Horizon, soft pastel, 84x60cm, 2019
In From the Cold
Summer, soft pastel, 84x60cm, 2019
Candy, soft pastel, 84x60cm, 2019
Earth, soft pastel, 84x60cm, 2019
Alignment, soft pastel, 84x60cm, 2019
Two Floating Rings
Four floating Rectangles
Free Form Floating purple block
Free Form Floating green block
Free Form Floating blue
Free Form Floating orange
Free Form Floating yellow
Free Form Floating     pale blue
Mazeweb 9
Mazeweb 1
Mazeweb 2
Mazeweb 3
Mazeweb 4
Mazeweb 5
Mazeweb 6
Mazeweb 7
Mazeweb 8
Preparing for Abacus of Colour
Preparing for Abacus of Colour
Preparing for Abacus of Colour
Preparing for Abacus of Colour
Preparing for Abacus of colour
Colour Code 4
Colour code 3C
Colour Code 3B
Colour Code 3A
Sculpture objects 5
Sculpture objects 4
Sculpture objects 3
Sculpture objects 1
Sculpture objects 2
Figure, whisper painting, blue
Figure, whisper painting, blue/green
Figure, whisper painting, yellow.
Figure, whisper painting,pale orange
Figure, whisper painting, red.
Figure, whisper painting, orange
Abacus of colour
Ababcus of Colour
Abacus of colour
Abacus of Colour
Colour Code 1B
Colour Block Tower - maquette
Colour Block Tower - maquette
Colour Block Tower - maquette
Colour Block Tower - maquette
Colour Code 1C
Colour Code 1A
The chart of undiscovered moons No.1
The Chart of undiscovered moons No.2
Distilled Northern Lights
Distilled Northern Lights
Distilled Northern Lights
Free Form Floating
Free Form Floating
Free Form Floating
Free Form Floating
At The Bus Stop
At The Bus Stop
Queuing. (detail)
The Gang
Boom. (detail)
Selection of paintings in exhibition
Selection of paintings in exhibition
Selection of paintings in exhibition
Selection of paintings in exhibition
Selection of paintings in exhibition
View of exhibition August 2018
View of exhibition August 2018
Herstmonceux Free Church
Blue teapot,purple pot.
Black and yellow jug, pebble, grapes
Vase, box and dahlia.
Red dahlia.
Ox eye daisy in a vase.
Viburnum in a bottle.
Purple pot and tomato.
Red teapot and orange dish.
Red teapot, purple pot.
Man and mask
Mask on green background.
Male figure, red background.
Female figure, red background.
Swirl above chair.
Fossils on blue background.
Egg cups and flowers.
Egg cups, clementine, two berries.
Four clementines
Stacked clementines
Three clementines
Oyster Shells.
Still life, shells.
Pepper pot and tomato
Three squash
Still life, drift wood
Carved wooden peacock.
Still life, Hypericum
Cuckoo pint berries.
Still life, blue water pistol.
Autumn flowers
Self portrait, unfinished.
Metal toys
Metal toys, detail, red soldier.
Metal toys, detail, blue cow.
Metal toys, detail, purple soldier.
Metal toys, detail, yellow Imp.
Metal toys, detail, green horse.
Mountain and village, Kefalonia.
Olive trees, Kefalonia.
Olive grove, houses, Kefalonia.
Olive trees and island.
Mountains, sea and trees, Kefalonia.
Olive tree and mountains, Kefalonia.
By the pool,Kefalonia
Male figure No.10
Male figure No.9
Female figure No.8
Female figure, No.7
Male figure, No.6.
Female figure, No5.
Female figure, No4.
Male figure, No.3
Male figure, No2.
Male figure No.1
Olive tree, Corfu.
Towels drying, Corfu.
House and lemon tree. Corfu.
Orange tree, Corfu.
Albania and terracotta pot, Corfu.
Sea and Albanian coast, Corfu.
Sailing boat, Corfu.
Bougainvilleas, Corfu.
View of Albanian coast, Corfu.
By the pool, Corfu.
Female figure, Amanda No.1
Female figure, Pru No.1.
Female figure, Amanda No.2
Male figure, Simon No.1
Male figure, Simon No.2.
Male figure, Simon No.3
Male figure, Simon No.4
Cypresses and olive trees, Allonisos
Allonisos old village
Olive groves and sea, Allonisos.
Tree and chapel, Allonisos.
Village on the hill, Allonisos
Sea view and shack, Allonisos
Balcony of cottage in Allonisos
House with blue doors, Allonisos.
Houses, trees and sea, Allonisos.
Coastal view, Allonisos.
Red spoon, blue vase.
Still life, red spoon and grapefruit
Four objects
Detail, Objects
Apricots, lemon and banana.
Teapot, funnel and spoon.
Red and yellow squares, (study).
Blue and green squares, (study).
States of me!
Detail,States of me!
Detail,States of me!
Detail,States of me!
Wax head man.
I used to have a parrot!
Man and aubergine.
Still life, aubergine and duck.
Still life, yellow jug and apple.
Garden, Stanford House.
Female figure
Life model
Seated female figure
Life model
Water melon, wax head.
Water melon and figs.
Winter trees, Hersham.
Winter landscape, graveyard Hersham.
Winter field and gate, Hersham.
Winter hedgerow, Hersham.
Winter field and fence,Hersham.
Still life, pelvis, head, vase.
Still life, shoe last and cross.
Still life pelvis, head, wasp's nest
Still life, head and bottle opener.
Beehives, Cyprus.
Wild spring flowers, Cyprus.
Fields and mountains, Cyprus.
Town centre of Kissonerga, Cyprus.
Blossoming tree and church, Cyprus.
Autumn trees, Cyprus.
Sandy bank and tree, Cyprus
Cyprus landscape.
Spring almond grove, Cyprus.
Church and valley, Cyprus.
Orange tree, Cyprus No.3
Orange tree, Cyprus No.2
Yellow field,blue sky.Cyprus
Stone walls,Cyprus.
Orange tree, Cyprus No.1
Cyprus landscape, dark sky.
Cyclamen field, Cyprus.
Espadrilles, Cyprus
Lemon tree, Cyprus.
Kissonerga church, Cyprus.
Carob grove, Cyprus.
Wheat field and carob tree, Cyprus
Summer sky, Cyprus
Summer fields with mountains, Cyprus
Summer fields and church, Cyprus.
Wheat fields near Lemba, Cyprus
Wheat fields and track, Cyprus.
Wheat fields and three trees Cyprus
Lemba church, Cyprus
Tea pot on table.
Tea pot and lemons.
Isabella Plantation, No.1
Pond at the Isabella Plantation.
Isabelle Plantation, No.2
Azaleas, Isabella Plantation.
Houses, Peckham Rye
Summer, Peckham Rye
Still life, begonia.
Still life, apples and blue cloth.
Still life on mantle piece.
Cherry blossom, Peckham Rye.
Cheese plant in bedsit.
Two figure with a cushion
Footpath near Sutton golf course.
Still life, red cloth and green jug.
Self portrait.
Table top still life.
Brick, bottle, kettle.
Self portrait
First life painting
Figure, Jean.
Self portrait.
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